Oliver Johnson, Beloved Black Police Officer, Killed By Stray Bullet

Officer Johnson with his nephew.

*Granted. These days, it’s practically unheard of to hear the word “beloved” followed by police officer. But this appears to be the case where officer Oliver Johnson, with the Arkansas Police Dept. is concerned.

The officer, a father of two, was inside playing video games at home when he was hit by a stray bullet.

The incident occurred around 3:30pm and the officer was reportedly hit in the upper torso. Bullet holes can be seen in the window and facade of the apartment. Police say the shooting was between two groups of people unrelated to Johnson

Lieutenant Eric Varner said in a statement, ??We?re at a loss for words. We?re deeply saddened by this.??

Johnson was engaged to be married. 

Officer Oliver Johnson with his eldest daughter.

Because Johnson was off-duty at the time, the police insurance company won’t pay for the funeral. This places an incredible burden on the grieving family.

To assist them, his colleagues have started a GoFundMe page which has to date raised $5,340.

According to NewsOnefuneral services for Officer Johnson will be held Saturday, May 12 at First Baptist Church in West Memphis, Arkansas.

One thought on “Oliver Johnson, Beloved Black Police Officer, Killed By Stray Bullet”

  1. I did not know or hadn’t heard of the officer, but after reading this, my heart is broken! Another thing, the insurance will not pay for his funeral because he wasn’t on duty! Come on!! Whether he was on duty or not, the police dept. has the insurance and he was still an officer. I hope his family can find strength during this awful time.

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