Former NFLer Poses with Daughter, Her Date, and a Gun in Prom Pic (Look)

*Let’s just file this under This Ain’t Cute…at ALL! Every girl dreams of going to the prom (well almost! I didn’t); and one day, they’d probably like to look back at the pictures that was taken. Pictures showing them and their date dressed to the 9s just before waving goodbye to her mom and dad; and photos taken during and after the big night.

Of course dad has given you “the talk” and your date the side-eye, but he doesn’t appear to be too threatening.

Uh, I take that back. Yes he does.

Instead of posing for the typical dad-daughter in a prom dress pic, Former NFL kicker Jay Feely decided to add his own brand of extra.

Feely thought it would be uh…I don’t know why the hell he thought a picture of him, his daughter, her date and A GUN would be a good look!

Some folks just have the weirdest sense of humor.

Feely tweeted: “Wishing my beautiful daughter and her date a great time at prom. #badboys”

Y’all know people tripped all over themselves on social media, posting their opinions.

Hell, I’m typing emotionally (aka too damn fast) trying to share mine!!!!

His daughter is seen looking up at him adoringly. The date? He’s doing one of those nervous grimace type of smiles…not showing teeth.

According to Yahoo, the #BadBoys hashtag was a reference to a very funny but highly family-inappropriate scene from ?Bad Boys 2,? which you can view here as long as there are no young ears or bosses in the vicinity.)

People just KNOW they will have to double back and explain themselves after doing dumb mess like this. And yes, by “people” I mean Feely, who later said:

“The prom picture I posted was obviously intended to be a joke. My Daughter has dated her boyfriend for over a year and they knew I was joking. I take gun safety seriously (the gun was not loaded and had no clip in) and I did not intend to be insensitive to that important issue.”

Yahoo writes…

Many people naturally said this was all in jest, and America?s too uptight to take a joke at this point. Many others could point out that making a joke is one thing, posting it on Twitter is another; and maybe handguns aren?t the best prop for high school-related jokes in 2018.

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