JetBlue Flight Attendant Who ‘Kicked Off Heels and Ran’ After Loads of Coke Was Spotted in Her Luggage, Sentenced (Watch)

*You may recall the now former Jet Blue flight attendant named Marsha Gay Reynolds. She was stopped after a random, 2nd security check point (she evaded the first, public checkpoint, after showing her Flight Attendant badge) and when 60 lbs of cocaine (street valued at nearly $2M) was noticed in her luggage she took those highs off and ran like hell! 

Yes, her!

Authorities said Reynolds dropped her carry-on luggage, kicked off her heels, fled down an upward-moving escalator and out of the terminal.

She surrendered in New York days later. 

Now she has been sentenced for her crime.

Because of her cooperation with prosecutors, a judge on Monday sentenced Reynolds to “time already served in custody.”

City News Service reports she is likely to be released shortly. She’ll spend three years on supervised release.

Take a look at the video report below. 

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