Unique Workshop Teaches ‘Catfish’ Marketing, Moonlight Networks, Death Row Publicity Methods and More! (Curious Much?)

*Have you ever wondered if there’s some memo you missed, or some “secret” you were not in on, when it comes to people recognizing your hard work, your business, heck…YOU!
Well no matter what your calling is, on Thursday, April 12, you might want to put this unique breakfast workshop on your schedule.
…and it only costs $25 (food included)!
The Pasadena Chamber of Commerce’ Monthly Workshop Breakfast Series presents Dr. Marcia Ann Mims Coppertino; CEO of the Award Winning Consulting Group, Coppertino and Associates, to show you exactly what you need to know — and do — to UP YOUR GAME.
Dr. Coppertino, the former General Manager for Cendent, parent company  of Jackson Hewitt Financial and Tax Services, has trained 300 employees to become tax agents; under a 20 million dollar budget. She has opened over 40 offices throughout Southern California for business owners of the Jackson Hewitt franchise.
Get off line and get in line to hear new ways of succeeding and branding your business as a number one player!

The event takes place this Thursday, April 12, 2018, 7am – 9:30am  at  The Women’s City Club of Pasadena, 160 North Oakland Avenue, Pasadena, CA. 91101. PLENTY OF FREE PARKING!
The fun begins with a blockbuster entrance as STEP ONE to obtaining requests for publicity, interviews, and upfront interviews. Get ready to witness a diverse lineup, including call girls, professional beggars, a dentist, a medieval executioner, a preacher, a public speaker AND anyone else willing to take to the floor to let the audience know WHAT they have been doing to attract clients and customers to their business, and WHY success has eluded them without press and publicity tips in place! 
Sounds like it’s going to be on and crackin’ right? Scroll down for more information!
Workshop is $25.00 per person with food and handouts for media and publicity success!
A Raffle for “90 Days One on One Consulting and Publicity Services” at no cost.
RSVP to mothernature7@gmail.com to attend and for payment information.
Questions? More Information? Visit www.caacg.org or call 424-634-9615



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