This Doesn’t Excuse What Happened to Stephon Clark, But His Disdain for Black Women Should Be Known (Watch)

Stephon Clark

*The horrific execution-style killing of 22-year-old Stephon Clark , who was shot by a white police officer while he was in his own backyard on Sunday, March 18, has definitely set off a firestorm in the Black Community. The killing of Black men sadly appear to be more like the norm than it does isolated incidents; and each time you wonder, will THIS one get justice?

This is the question being asked by many Black community leaders who are seeking accountability for the unjust killing of yet another Black man.

Namely, Stephon Clark.

In her conversation with Dr. Boyce Watkins, Paris Milan from, speaks on what she learned about Clark from his personal tweets showing disdain for Black women.

Watkins’ question: “How do you line up and support a brother who clearly would not support you?” — thrown out to Black women in general, is what prompted the conversation.

Milan said she was a strong supporter behind the killing of Clark. She tells Watkins she was doing a live feed on social media when people started tweeting her and saying she needs to check out the tweets done by Stephon Clark and speak on it.

She did, and this is what she found.

The comment directly below, Milan says, was made by Clark in May 2015, but then repeated later in October.

“I don’t want nothing Black but a Xbox” “Dark B’s bring dark days” and he made that as a response to someone who simply said, “Black is beautiful.”

Milan says the fact that he doesn’t support black women, as obviously implied in the quote, was not the part that got to her.

This is.

“Then when you start looking at the tweets, his girlfriend chimes in. She says, ‘This N-word said — excuse me, his girlfriend is Vietnamese or Asian — This N-word said, he says, ‘I don’t want no Black baby. I’m already Black, I don’t need no Black baby.” And he co-signed this,” Milan says, adding, “And he said, on God 100.”

Watkins makes it clear that putting this news out there is in no way meant to disparage someone who has just been killed, but says instead, it should be of concern to Black women and those who respect them.

The video is a little over 29 minutes. Watch it below. We’d love to hear your response in the comments section.

7 thoughts on “This Doesn’t Excuse What Happened to Stephon Clark, But His Disdain for Black Women Should Be Known (Watch)”

  1. I didn’t read a quote where he said the exact words “I hate black women”. If it’s there, you should put out that particular quote.

  2. Weren’t there two cops that shot him? One white as you mentioned but the other one…was a black cop; why no mention Deborah?

  3. @Raymond Boyd…Rarely are there “exact quotes” that say something like this. That conclusion lies in the consistent messages posted by the person. Thanks for weighing in.

    @Al Dutton…Yes, from the video I saw of the incident, there was more than one cop chasing Mr. Clark through the yard. As for the shot fired, no, I have no information saying one of them was Black. Thanks for weighing in.

  4. Well when the shooting first happened it was reported that it was two police officers involved in the shooting and I’d heard one was white and one was black but searching now cannot find any info regarding race with the exception of Stephon Clark’s race. Not that one was white even so obviously feel it’s very disingenuous of you to specifically state that Clark was shot by a white officer only. 20 shots fired would certainly indicate it was more than one shooting no? Plus this is easy to find upon any search…
    After a day of peaceful rallies to demand justice for Stephon Clark, 22, an unarmed black man who was killed by two Sacramento police officers.

    See that, TWO officers; do better Deborah.

  5. @Al Dullton…My article emphasizes Mr. Clark’s attitude towards Black women. As for the shooting, I watched videos and reported on what I saw and heard.

    The only thing I can suggest is that when and where YOU write YOUR article on the subject, you write it the way you want to.

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