Spielberg’s and Carl’s Jr. Enter into Fake Feud for ‘Ready Player One’ (And Nobody’s Buying It!)

*I recently interviewed actor and director Tim Robbins. You remember him don’t you…Maybe from a little film called Shawshank Redemption? 

Anyway, one of the questions I asked him was if he thinks being an actor first made him a better director. Of course his answer was “yes.”

Maybe he’ll send a memo to Steven Spielberg. The legendary director of films including E.T. (1982), Schindler’s List (1993), and Jaws (1975) has a film coming out called ‘Ready Player One’ and it doesn’t take a theater major to realize a fake fight when we see one.

Here’s the deal.

As some sort of wacky campaign strategy — where the film and Spielberg are apparently in a partnership with Carl’s Jr. — the fast-food chain wants us to know that Steven Spielberg is refusing to let them serve “Spielburgers.”

Nope. There’s no special secret recipe, its the same burger you’ve always eaten at Carl’s Jr., and tell you the truth, I don’t think that really matters. It’s the public display they went through with the director that’s really getting the attention.

According to digg.com, the fake fight of the fast food vs. filmmaker feud was busted wide open after the back-and-forth tweeting was limited to just Carl’s Jr. and Warner Brothers. Carl’s Jr. then sent someone out to Spielberg’s Amblin Entertainment headquarters to hand deliver some burgers. In a video tweet  Spielberg says the burgers are “pretty good” but won’t let Carl’s Jr. use his name! 

No surprise there! And we’d probably believe it better if he hadn’t recorded the message. C’mon, it’s Steven Spielberg!

Not everyone is going for the fake fight. And Digg.com took it especially hard and went a step further, offering tips to the fast food chain for a better campaign or what NOT to do in a marketing campaign. 

All I can say is, Mr. Spielberg, its not to late to take some acting classes, and moviegoers have become quite picky so I hope the film doesn’t suck.

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