Watch: Toddler Flung From Back Window of Moving Car is Fine!

*According to a news release issued by the police dept. in Winter Haven, Fla. a Sunday afternoon crash that had a 2-year-old child ejected from the back window of his mother’s car, closed Hwy 17 in Winter Haven for three and a half hours.

The miraculous part is that the child didn’t get run over by the car that rolled backwards, and “is in the hospital in miraculously good condition,” according to police.

The crash happened on Sunday, March 25. Arteshia Cowart, the 23-year-old mother of two toddlers seated in the back of her car was waiting at a stop sign for about half a minute before pulling out into the road directly into the path of an oncoming Ford F-150 truck.

In the video below, we see the truck slam into the passenger side door of Cowart’s Buick.

Her car spins around and the child is ejected from the rear window.

The car rolls backwards, then abruptly stops without rolling over the boy lying on the pavement.

Police call it ?miraculous? that the boy is expected to completely recover.

?It?s a miracle that the impact on the pavement didn?t do more damage to this child. That child is very, very miraculously alive today,? Jamie Brown, a Winter Haven Police Department spokesperson, told Fox 13. ?Had those drivers not been aware of their surroundings and what was going on, it could have been really been something more tragic.?

Brown told The Ledger the boy was placed on a ventilator as a precaution, but it quickly became unnecessary. ?It?s a true miracle,? Brown told the paper.

Police say Cowart had two car seats as well as a Booster seat in the back of the car, but they are investigating to see if the children were properly secured.

They say neither speeding nor impairment appears to have caused the crash.

All I can say is somebody must’ve been prayed up! So grateful this little one is going to be fine.

 Watch the dramatic video directly below.

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