Two Bat-Wielding Sisters Beat Woman in Road Rage Incident (Watch)

*A Florida woman is lucky to be alive today after she was savagely beaten with a baseball bat after cutting off a woman in her car.

Mikaela Barboza, 26, actually caught the attack on her cellphone, and she is hoping it will help police find the women who attacked her.

Barboza said the incident happened last Thursday. She was driving down U.S. 441 in Lauderdale Lakes when she cut a woman off. She then recalled another woman ? said to be the sister of the woman who she initially cut off ? was yelling at her from  a separate vehicle.

?You cut my sister off, that?s disrespectful,? Barboza told WSVN on Sunday about what the sister said.

That wasn’t the end. Thing went downhill from there. Fearing for her life, Barboza told  WSVN  she drove into a strip mall hoping to lose the women, but they found her, and boxed her car in, trapping her.

She got out, as she explains in the video below — where you see one of the women walking toward her, yelling expletives, and carrying a bat.

She began recording as the two sisters continued to yell at her. Barboza said one of the sisters grabbed a wooden baseball bat and began hitting her in the head.

?After I got hit the first [time], I just grabbed her and we started wrestling on the floor, so I got the bat away from her,? Barboza recalled.

But then, the other sister grabbed the bat.

Fortunately, a witness stepped in and stopped the situation. Barboza was rushed to the hospital and had to get stitches in her head, and suffered a broken nose.

The video below is quite graphic.



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