Wealthy, Single, Brazilian Women and Lesbian Couples Seek Sperm Donors from U.S.A. (But They’d Like Them to Have Blond Hair and Blue Eyes)

THIS is the look Brazilian families are going for.

*For the past seven years women from Brazil have been reaching out to sperm banks in the good ole USA to supply them with material. You’d be correct if you’re thinking, “But aren’t most Brazilians Black?” At least more than half the population is; many are mixed-race, too. But according to news reports coming out of S?o Paulo, the description being given to these sperm banks as requested by these seeking-women, want “material” that will ensure the babies have ?jewel-tone eyes,? blond hair and a ?smattering of light freckles.?

Othello, a Caucasian-American cashier, known only by his Donor number, ” Donor 9601,” is described in the terms above by the Seattle Sperm Bank. He us one of the sperm providers most often requested by wealthy Brazilian women importing the DNA of young U.S. men at unprecedented rates.

According to the Wall Street Journal …

Human semen imports from the U.S. to Brazil have surged some 3,000% as more rich single women and lesbian couples select donors whose online profiles suggest they will yield light-complexioned and preferably blue-eyed children.

Susy Pommer is a 28-year-old data analyst from S?o Paulo. Last year,  after a breast-cancer scare left her eager to raise a child right away with her partner, Priscilla, they decided to get pregnant. She says, “Everyone wants a ‘pretty kid’ and for many parents in Brazil, where prejudice often runs deep, that means ‘the white biotype?light-colored eyes and skin.’?  

With Brazil’s legacy of importing more than 10 times as many African slaves than the U.S.; and being the last Western country to ban slavery in 1888, this revelation of an un-woke mindset is no surprise.

The fact that families want the best for their children, and know they can only get that if the offspring look a certain way, is a prime concern for these families.

The WSJ reports also reveal…

Money is also a factor setting parameters for the DNA import boom. Carefully categorized and genetically vetted sperm from U.S. providers has to be procured from Brazilian fertility clinics at a cost of some $1,500 a vial, often as part of an in vitro fertilization procedure that costs roughly $7,000 an attempt. Whites are more likely able to afford that in a country where about 80% of the richest 1% are white, according to Brazil?s statistics agency.

I found this interesting. In my research I saw the photos below, showing an obvious fascination with the Caucasian look. One Asian child, the other, Indian.

My god. Some designs just don’t look right.

The surge in looking outside of their own country is also reportedly due to mistrust of the national product. 

The WSJ article states, unlike in the U.S., it is illegal to pay men to donate their sperm here, so domestic stocks are low and information about Brazilian donors sparse.

Alessandra Oliva, a 31-year-old mother via sperm donorship from a U. S. male says information on local donors is sparse. ?It basically says ?brown eyes, brown hair, likes hamburgers? and what their zodiac sign is?that?s it.”

Oliva has 29 pages of information on the American father of her 14-month-old son, from a photo of him as a child to genetic tests for cystic fibrosis. 

Apparently, the preferences of these Brazilian families don’t stop at Brazil. There are plenty of families right here in the states that also prefer lighter-skinned babies.

Read more of writer Samantha Pearson’s fascinating article at The Wall Street Journal.

4 thoughts on “Wealthy, Single, Brazilian Women and Lesbian Couples Seek Sperm Donors from U.S.A. (But They’d Like Them to Have Blond Hair and Blue Eyes)”

  1. Only 13% of Brazil are black.

    “Mixed” people doesn’t mean “mulatto”. Mixed people in Brazil means a mix of European, Native (Indian) and Black. This isn’t black either.

    People of European and Native heritage are 80% of the country.

    Black and mulatto people (both) aren’t more than 20% of the population.

    The Left spreads the lie that Brazil is “half-black” because some have little blood, but it’s not true.

    We are not black and we don’t want to be black. Stick to your country.

    The US is a lost country and I’d support China and Russia over you in any day of the week.

  2. Wow… I think they actually have a reason for this…. I’m 25 young guy black and handsome

  3. >claim to have the sexiest/most beautiful women on earth
    >importing white male sperm because they know white people are superior
    Really funny.
    It’s europe that has the most beautiful women on earth obviously.

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