First Annual ‘Homeless Summit’ Held This Weekend in Los Angeles (Video)

*Every single day we see them. As we exit the freeway in our cars, as we sit at red lights, as we leave Target or any other store, and definitely in encampments as we drive or walk in downtown Los Angeles. Homelessness in southern California has become a CRITICAL issue.

This weekend, on March 23, starting at 10a.m. the First Annual Homeless Summit will be hosted by Grace Mission University. An outstanding representation of nonprofit organizations, such as Habitat for Humanity and United Way will do presentations. The summit plans to address the ways people can get involved with the homeless population in their various communities.

See the Schedule of Activities for the day directly below.

9:30 – Coffee (Starbucks) and Light Snacks 
10:00 – Introductions – James Cho (will introduce all the organizations in attendance)
10:20 – State of Homelessness in LA – Chris Ko
10:45 – Presentation by Organizations (15 min each)
Habitat for Humanity
United Way
Frontier Ventures
12:00 – Lunch by BrewHawg (BBQ Pork, Chicken, Mashed Potatoes, Cole Slaw & Corn Bread) & Light Salad
1:30 – How one church engaged homelessness – Sharon & Shou Mo
2:15 – The 1 Min Presentation – Hyepin Im
3:00 – Networking time
3:30 – Close
Source: Coppertino and Associates Consulting Group
Directly below, watch Los Angeles Times columnist Steve Lopez’s special documentary on how the L.A. Homeless crisis continues to grow. 
Lopez writes…
They?re part of the Los Angeles streetscape, as familiar as the swaying palm trees and idling traffic, living under freeways, alongside riverbeds and on canyon hillsides. The mentally ill, the drug addicts, the economically disadvantaged, many with their life belongings in a backpack or shopping cart. Here, The Times launches Without a Home, a special endeavor to examine a crisis of homelessness in our region. It is a challenge for each and every one of us. Citizens voted twice to open their wallets to fund a solution. Now, city leaders and others must act to improve the plight of some 58,000 of the county?s most vulnerable residents.
Watch the video, then read the rest of Steve Lopez’s story here

You in? See registration information above.

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