‘I Don?t Give A F**k About Fame’: Famous Model Says Here on Out, She’ll Only Work If It ‘Benefits Black People’

Skepta and Naomi Campbell appear on GQ

*Don’t it feel so good to be us? B-a-b-y! You know Black is in style if iconic model Naomi Campbell is not only dating Black, but saying she won’t work unless its BENEFITING Black people!

…and baby girl can say that with confidence because she doesn’t need the money!

Campbell was discovered by an agent at age 15 as she window shopped. She has graced upwards of 500 magazine covers; making history as the first Black woman to be on the cover of French Vogue.

By now you may have seen the photos some reports are calling raunchy (I think they’re beautiful) showing a bare-breasted Naomi snuggled up against her new hot chocolate boyfriend, Skepta. They even did an interview, scroll down, where Miss Naomi, who has never been known to hold her tongue, talked to Blavity about a number of topics including race, politics and careers.    

?When I choose the job I?m going to do, when it?s offered to me ? I don?t give a f**k about fame,? the 47-year-old said. ?It?s not about that for me. It?s about what does it do for my people now. If I do this job, where can it go? Where does it lead to? What can I do for them? That?s where I?m thinking.?

Campbell has already shown her new direction . As executive producer on her reality show, The Face (Oxygen Network) she was a real task-master and showed up for models of color.

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British rap artist, Skepta, 35, chimed in on racism. He voiced his opinion on the hypocrisy shown by Black rappers hating on white rappers. But you can tell he adores her, and the two are having fun talking to the media. 

?One stage, whites were racist to blacks, but now black rappers are saying in their songs ?White bitch, she?ll sniff a line,? stuff like that,? he explained. ?It?s like why can black rappers say that? If a white rapper said ?Black bitch ? He would get crucified for saying that. I think everybody deep down knows wrong or right, so when people are being racist they know they?re being ignorant.?

When Naomi started talking politics, her boyfriend covered his ears.

?For those people that are ignorant, feel now that they can come out openly and show their ignorance because the leader of the free world is showing his,? she said speaking out against president Donald Trump.

Cute couple. She seems more at ease with him. Watch the video below.

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