Nun in Legal Battle With Pop Star, Katy Perry, Collapses and Dies…During Court Hearing

*Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, 89, was one of the nuns in a legal battle with pop star Katy Perry over her intent to purchase a property that was formally a convent. Sadly, while in court for a hearing in Los Feliz, a small community in Los Angeles, the nun collapsed and died.

The hearing, which took place in in Los Feliz, a small community in the surrounding area of Los Angeles, was to decide who  the owner of the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart convent was.

Just hours before her passing, the nun and another sister, Rita Callanan, spoke out against Perry with Fox7. The women had not been vocal since 2016, when their argument was denied by a Los Angeles judge when they attempted to sell the convent to businesswoman Dana Hollister ? clearing the way for Perry to purchase the property.

ABC7 says the nun tried to complete the sale without getting permission from the Archbishop, but they were sued by the archdiocese in 2015, igniting the lengthy litigation process.

According to the Associated Press, Perry reportedly offered $14.5 million for the house. The singer?s bid was approved by the Los Angeles? archbishop, but still needed approval from the Vatican.

?Katy Perry, please stop,? Holzman told Fox 7. ?It?s not doing anyone any good [and it?s] hurting a lot of people.?

What apparently made bad matters even worse was Perry’s videos.

In 2015, the nuns told ABC7  that the nuns were against the sale because they didn?t approve of the singer?s image.

No word yet from singer Katy Perry.





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