Watch: Party Animal! Miami Nightclub Shut Down After Woman Comes In On (Wait for it!) A Horse!

Woman enter Moki Lounge on the back of a horse!

*Woohoo! Partaay! A party animal in the truest sense of the word happened upon a Miami nightclub last week!  But the City of Miami was not amused, and as a result, Moki Lounge was shut down on Friday after video surfaced on the Internet showing a woman riding into the nightclub on the back of a horse…

…wearing a G-string!

Of course the party-goers had no problem with this. They went nuts. The crowd cheered them on, clinking their glasses and raising them high as they danced in the charged, dimly lit atmosphere.

Everything was going well, until the horse took a fall.

The incident happened at the Mokai Lounge sometime between Wednesday evening and the early morning hours of Thursday, according to a city document obtained by HuffPost. 

A true social media event, folks reportedly posted videos showing a man trying to pull the horse, who appeared to be resisting, into the club as the couple sat poised on top of the animal.

A second video, which is what we see below, shows the woman inside on the horse, in the tightly packed room of party-goers, when the horse suddenly gets spooked and falls — throwing the woman off of its back and then, after scrambling to its feet, walking calmly in a “I’m ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille,” kind of way.

The people cheer.

But let’s be real, this nightclub is in a lot of trouble. Apparently, this is not the first time an animal has been let inside, not to mention an investigation that now hosts concerns of possible animal cruelty.

In a tweet by the Miami Beach Police Dept., they say the animal has been located and experts have deemed it “healthy and safe” following an inspection.

City Manager Jimmy Morales revoked the club?s business license on Friday, The Miami Herald reports. A city press release cites the incident as being a hazard to public safety and possible animal cruelty.

The woman seen in the video ?appeared to be an employee from the club, but that?s still under investigation,? Miami Beach spokeswoman Melissa Berthier told HuffPost.

Lawd! Can you spell ONE BIG HILARIOUS MESS!?

Watch two videos, one an UPDATE, directly below.

UPDATE: In the CBS Miami video directly below, we learn that the City of Miami posted a notice on the doors of the club saying that it has been closed for good! Additionally, the owner is under investigation for allowing the incident to happen in the first place. Take a look!

Read more here.

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