Once on the Brink of Collapse, This Historically Black College is Now Expanding Across the Country

*Wow! Talk about a turnaround! In 2007 it looked like Paul Quinn College in Dallas was going to lose its accreditation. Too many student. Too little financial support.

But that was then.

Today the college has plans to build campuses in cities all across the nation. And leading the charge is none other than Paul Quinn!

The school’s big turnabout is largely due to its president, Michael J. Sorrell. On Tuesday he announced plans to build a network of urban work colleges ? and said that Paul Quinn is going to be the guinea pig.

?Our way forward is going to be through doing something different,? Sorrell told the audience during his keynote speech at the SXSW EDU 2018 conference in Austin.

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports…

Last year, Paul Quinn became the first historically black college to be designated a ?work college? by the U.S. Department of Education. Work colleges are institutions where all students have jobs on campus regardless of financial need or academic program. There are fewer than a dozen such federally designated institutions in the country, and the colleges are often touted as sustainable, affordable models of higher education.

?We became a work college because we had to acknowledge that our students were not ready for career success in the way that we would have liked,? Sorrell told The Chronicle in an interview following his speech. ?We’re not the only ones. We’re just one of the few that are honest about it.”

Read more about this innovative approach to education at The Chronicle of Higher Education

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