What in the H*ll is Going On at FDNY? Now An Off-Duty EMT Worker Has Been Accused of Raping, Choking 10-Year-Old Girl?

*News like this will have you wondering what kind of freaks are being interviewed, vetted, and cleared as OK to work for the FDNY.

Only yesterday, EURThisNthat reported that a firefighter from FDNY who was arrested after being caught at work watching child porn! Today we learn about an off duty FDNY, EMT employee that has been accused of choking and raping a 10-year-old girl?

What in the absolute f*ck is going on here? What kind of vetting process said these sick a**holes were OK to hire?

According to reports, the girl was asleep in her home when 25-year-old Queens resident Frantz Petion, said to be a friend of the family, assaulted her. The little girl reported the attack and the perpetrator was arrested for rape, strangulation, and child endangerment charges.

But his family claims its a lie. His mother believes he is a victim of jealous colleagues who don’t want him to get ahead.

According to a report in Your Black World, Petion was at a birthday party in the home and, after drinking, got turned around and ended up upstairs searching for a bathroom. After hearing the girl crying, he went into her room.

His mother,  Sarah Petion, says her son always dreamed of working as an EMT. ?This is something he wanted to do all his life,? she said, describing him as a caring  ?churchgoing person,” who took the plunge to become a EMT two years ago.

As she  waited for his arraignment in Queens Criminal Court, the distraught mother described what she believes happened on the night in question.

?A whole bunch of guys came in and attacked him. He said he didn?t do anything to the girl,? she continued. ?He looked at her and asked her if she?s all right. They didn?t want to hear nothing. They just attacked him.?

She said the attack was so brutal it sent her son to the hospital.

Petion has been suspend for the maximum time, 30-days, according to FDNY spokesman James Long.

Meanwhile, Frantz’s 62-year-old aunt, Diane Duncan, said, ?This whole thing baffles me. I don?t understand. This is so strange that he would attack someone.?

Playing devils advocate here, and taking into consideration what the family is saying, one one hand I wonder why a child would say such a thing if it isn’t true? But say this isn’t true. That the child made it up. Was she examined to prove she was raped? Why WAS she crying…was she possibly violated before Petion came into the room, and this is why she was crying? Of course the part about him being drunk doesn’t make any of this any easier.

These are questions only the authorities can answer.

Seeing as there have now been numerous accusations and charges with regard to sexual deviance in this department, again I am still perplexed about their vetting process.

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