Think We Can ‘Go Anywhere?’ Think Again…Here’s 20 Places You’ll Probably Never See

ROOM 39: Room 39 is said to be an area where nefarious crimes are committed like drug manufacturing, counterfeiting of U.S. currency and financial fraud. This place is located in the Workers party building in Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea. North Korea in itself is one of the most highly restricted areas in the world so it is obvious why this place is on the list.

*America! The land of the brave, and the home of the free. If that cliche is ass backwards, its because its a damn lie! Ha! “Free” people are supposed to be able to go anywhere. Have access to everything…within reason, I guess.

But we can’t go anywhere. There are a lot of places we may have heard of, but will never have access to…no matter how much money we have. Why? 

Just because…(some answers are that simple).

Here’s 20 places on earth we will never have access to…no matter how much money we have!

Dream on baby, if you ever think you’ll step foot into this restricted area!

Sitting tight at No.20- Google’s Datacenter

Google eRuns the internet and its Data Center is as guarded as Area 51 is. It is a high-security location that contains trillions of records of OUR data.

You cannot access it, ever!

Next up, at No.19, is Snake Island

And why, I ask you, would anyone want to visit a place with this name? Snake Island is a small Island located off the coast of Brazil and contains 4,000 of the DEADLIEST snakes on the planet. Their venom is so powerful that it can MELT human flesh.

The Island has been deemed so dangerous that the Brazilian Government banned visitors from accessing it.

Wonder what had to happen in order to put this ban in place!

…which brings us to No.18: The Coca-Cola Vault


Well you’ll die of thirst if you think you can get any drinks from this place! 

The Coca Cola Vault holds the secret formula behind the drink, and that recipe is one of the most heavily guarded secrets on the planet.

In order to protect it from prying eyes, the formula is kept in this big, red, LOCKED, vault.

In fact, only a couple of people know the actual formula…and they’re not talking.

No.17: The Situation Room


Whoa. This sounds serious. THE SITUATION ROOM!

You’ve probably heard stories about the situation room. It’s the room where the president and his advisers gather to discuss life or death situations. This room can be found 50 feet below the West Wing and only the President and his advisers are allowed in.

Yes, dear readers: All of the bad decisions from this administration started from discussions held here. 

Coming in at No.16: Vatican Archives, Italy 

Otherwise known as the Pope’s personal library??

Owned by the pope, the Vatican Archives are not necessarily secret despite their name. Nobody can enter without the pope?s permission. It is said that evidence of extraterrestrial life exists in the facilities and nobody is quite sure of all that can be found amidst the 84 km of shelving. It?s often only been carefully screened by researchers and journalists who have been granted access to this underground reserve.

Wow. Should I put in a credentials request?

No.15: Club 33, United States

Club 33 was originally a small restaurant that was one of the first buildings to be constructed in Disneyland, smack dab in the middle of New Orleans Square. While its blue door facade looks like every other entrance to the theme park, this one soon became home to a secret club commissioned by Walt Disney himself who used it for years to entertain foreign dignitaries, celebrities,

and…wait for it…

…high-class hookers.

There is a secret panel in the doorway that covers a buzzer, which those who have access use to gain entry into the club. It has been rumored to host sex parties and Illuminati meetings and was recently open to the public with an offer of membership to the first 100 people who applied.

Well! Cardi B would sings in Bruno Mars’ Finesse remix, “Okay. Okay.”

We’ve just tipped the iceberg here. There’s 14 more of the Top 20 Places You Are Not Allowed to Visit on Earth.


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