Yawn…Here We Go Again! White Woman Caught on Camera Screaming ‘That Word’ (Watch)

*Apparently, two co-workers got into it at Cactus Jack restaurant in Fort Meyers, Florida. But only one of them, a white woman, was caught on camera calling the other one a nigger.

Eileen Marcinkowski had to be held back (scroll down) and looked like her head was about to explode as she screamed “You’re a nigger!” at former coworker Orlando Ortega, who had been fired just before the outburst happened.

Seriously, what would they do without that word? It’s as if they expect the recipient to just lay down and die because it was used.

Ortega is never seen on camera, but heard, sounding confused about Marcinkowski’s actions. On the video, you can hear him saying, “You were just praising me. I don’t understand what I did. You keep calling me a nigger.”   

With an unknown man holding her back, Marcinkowski screams, “Get the f*ck out of my bar.

You hear Ortega talking to a woman, maybe restaurant owner,  Jane Thursfield, referencing how her husband called him a “retarded nigger” earlier for “asking him to void a snapper.” 

According to what Thursfield told Fox 4,  Marcinkowski was actually provoked by Ortega. She alleges he hit the woman in the face right before she went off on her racist rant.

Of course, once Ortega made it known he had gotten it all on tape, Marcinkowski tried to downplay it all — screaming something like, “There are white niggers and there are black niggers.”

?The lady in the video he actually did hit,?  Thursfield told the media. ?She had blood on her face, she was bleeding.?

You might have to strain though because no blood can be seen in the video below.

At last look, Marcinkowski was still employed at the bar. The owner, who said her words were inappropriate even if she was provoked by Ortega, claims she is going to speak with the staff to get their opinions on how to handle it.



4 thoughts on “Yawn…Here We Go Again! White Woman Caught on Camera Screaming ‘That Word’ (Watch)”

  1. The people who are dumping this “Negative -Crap” on the public; are “Not- Smart- Enough” to see the damage you do! by only showing one side of the problem! “Who knows why this lady is reacting to an issue that you “Dummies” are holding back the facts! of what really took place, to cause this ladys outburst with a response that we the public can’t see both sides of the issue! We the public call this some more of that “Fake -reporting” that just makes some idiot money; while “Sturing- Up “Crap-Without-The Facks!

  2. I’m sure that these were the only words she knew. I’m sure she was just playing, The damage of showing who she really is. quit being an apologist for ignorant racist behavior.

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