Sore Loser? Canadian Hockey Olympian Yanks Silver Medal Off Neck in Disgust

Feb 22, 2018; Gangneung, South Korea; Canada players react during the medal ceremony after losing to the United States in the women’s ice hockey gold medal match during the Pyeongchang 2018 Olympic Winter Games at Gangneung Hockey Centre. Mandatory Credit: David E. Klutho-USA TODAY Sports

*Well damn. Everybody can’t be first! Clearly Women’s Hockey Player, Jocelyne Larocque (that’s her pictured 2nd to left above), never got the memo. When the presentation ceremony presented medals to her and other Olympians just after the U.S. Women’s Hockey team kicked ass and took the Gold on South Korea, the disappointed Canadian player couldn’t get that 2nd Place Silver Medal off of her neck fast enough.

Custom has both sides being presented with medals after the game ? American players with gold and Canadian players with silver. 

Feb 22, 2018; Gangneung, South Korea. Credit: David E. Klutho-USA TODAY Sports

Some may call it a spontaneous act of frustration, but others think it was down right disrespectful.

Twitter went nuts!

How disrespectful could you be to take off your olympic medal during the medal ceremony? What the actual fuck @ Canada.–El Hockey Boy, Matthew “LilCutt” Honeycutt@ElRojoBlanco28

Everyone who ripped that Swedish kid for ditching his silver medal better be giving Jocelyne Larocque hell too. —Tyson Hinschberger@hinschcity

Okay, who else is going to call out Canadas Jocelyne Larocque for being TOTALLY unsportsmanlike by taking off the silver medal. Horrible look Tim S. AKA BoogeyMan@TheBoogeyPage

…are just a handful of the reactions.

Poor sportsmanship, much?

Take a look at the action on video here


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