Driver for Uber/Lyft Called 911 Before He Disappeared…One Week Ago (Watch)

Joshua Thiede

*This hits home with many rideshare drivers, no doubt. Joshua Thiede was said to be a rideshare driver for Uber and/or Lyft when he disappeared last Sunday, February 11, in the 1000 block of Wilshire Boulevard in the downtown area of Los Angeles, according to police.

According to the CBS Local video below, Thiede’s mother, Janet, said her son’s cell phone placed a call to 911 on Monday — a day after his disappearance —  but the caller hung up before the call was answered by dispatch.  

Now Joshua’s friends have stepped up to help police locate him. They’ve plastered posters all around the neighborhood, and are even speaking to people to see if anyone has seen the 6′ tall, 170-lb, blonde hair, blue-eyed man.

Thiede lived on Wilshire near the 110 Freeway. He moved here from Ohio and wanted to start a business. In the interim, he drove for both Lyft and Uber as recently as last Sunday.

“We’re really getting concerned now. It’s almost a week tomorrow that he’s been missing and there are so many pieces of the puzzle that just don’t make any sense,” friend Kevin Young told CBS2’s Greg Mills.

Although both rideshare services say that they are cooperating with the authorities, for some reason, reports seem to indicate Thiede was driving for Lyft at the time. There appears to be no statement from Uber, but Lyft has stated the following.

“Our concern is with Mr. Thiede’s safety and wellbeing,” Lyft said in a statement. “We have been in touch with his family and law enforcement and will continue to assist in whatever way we can.”

As you will see in the KCAL 9 video below, one gentleman being interviewed said that he does remember seeing a car fitting the description of Thiede’s. He told the reporter that the car was parked in a space near his home for several days, but was gone by the time the street cleaners came.

Police are asking anyone with information to call them at 213-996-1800.

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