Dog Food Salmonella Scare! These Four Products May Be a Danger to Your Pooch and You!

*Over the past five days, four pet food companies have voluntarily recalled some of their products due to concerns that they may be contaminated with Salmonella.

The potential contamination is said to not only affect animals that have consumed the food, but also the humans that handle it.

Both humans and animals show the same symptoms when infected with Salmonella: feeling lethargic, fever, body aches, nausea, vomiting, abdominal cramping and diarrhea.

The companies involved in the recall of certain products are Smokehouse Pet Products, Darwins Dog Food, Red Barn Pet Products and Raw Paws Pet Food.

According to the FDA, two people have picked up salmonella from the Raw Paws product shown below.

Here are the specific food products that have been recalled.

Raw Paws: The Minneapolis-based company is recalling 5-pound and 1-pound sealed plastic tubes, called chubs, of its Ground Turkey Pet Food.

Red Barn Pet Products: Redbarn Naturals 7-inch Bully Stick Dog Chews 3-pack

Darwin?s Natural Pet Products: Select lots of its Darwin?s ZooLogics dog food, which includes ZooLogics Chicken and Vegetable Meals for Dogs manufactured on 11/2/17 and ZooLogics Duck and Vegetable Meals for Dogs manufactured on 11/16/17.

and finally…

Smokehouse Pet Products: 

The company its recalling its 4-ounce bags of dog treats labeled as ?Beefy Munchies.? The affected product was sold to various retailers who distribute to stores in Colorado, Michigan, Washington and North Carolina. The recalled treats have UPC Code: 78565857957, Lot number: 449294 and are marked with the Best Used By Date of 10/25/19.Typically a person or pet affected with salmonella experiences symptoms for 4 to 7 days. The symptoms, if not severe, generally  clear up on their own. If not, you should probably get to a hospitalization.To prevent the spread of salmonella from pet food to people, the FDA recommends washing your hands after handling your pet?s food.

If you have any of the products referenced above in your home, you should stop feeding them to your pet immediately. If your pet or you are experiencing any of the symptoms, head to a vet (or your doctor) immediately.


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