Church Locates Fired Outback Waitress, Gives Her Hefty Tip

Tamlynn Yoder

*Well lookie here. Christ Fellowship Church said they were looking for the Outback restaurant server who was fired after posting her frustration about not being tipped by the church for a $735 order on Facebook.

Apparently, the church has found her and made good on their word.

Though Tamlynn Yoder remains tight-lipped on exactly how much money she has received, the former Outback server who we recently reported stating how she had missed out on other tips because she spent half the day preparing the $735 take-out order for 25 Christ Fellowship members,  is now happy.

But still unemployed.

 ?A few church families came together and gave it to me,” Yoder told the Miami Herald. ” It was a very heartwarming situation,? she added.

Yoder said the amount tipped by the families was more than 20-percent of the bill. So, let’s add that up real quick!

That makes it greater than $140…

That was very sweet.

?They told me they understood what was going on. They told me it wasn?t their intention to not tip me and actually gave me a list of jobs that were hiring,? Yoder said. ?They want to help me find a new job.?

Yoder told the Miami Herald she has filled out quite a few applications already.

As for her former employer, Outback, she hasn’t heard a word from them since they said Buh-bye. 

According to the Miami Herald, although Yoder plans to stay in the serving business, she just may be starting a new movement.

Yoder plans to stream Facebook Live segments, asking her friends and followers to share their non-tipping stories and experiences.


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