Starbucks Being Sued! SoCal Family Claims Barristers Blood Was on Their Beverage Cups

Omg. Can you imagine, its a hot day, you want to get your Starbucks in. You ask everyone else at the house if they’d like something. You get everyone’s order, head to the store, tell the barrister what you want, get home, and find…wait for it…

Blood smeared on some of the cups?

According to a lawsuit filed in San Bernardino, California Court by Amanda Vice, this is exactly what happened on a Saturday afternoon in 2016, when Vice had been sharing a Java Chip Frappuccino with her then 2-year-old daughter. 

The lawsuit states that after Vice?s mother-in-law noticed traces of blood and an ?odd, metallic smell? on her own cup, ?Amanda rushed to the kitchen and saw blood smeared on her cup as well.?

May I repeat? OMG!!!

The family, from San Bernardino, is suing for negligence, emotional distress, battery and assault.

?The blood was smeared on the inside and outside rim of the cup,? according to the lawsuit, released by the Frish Law Group. It added that the family ?anxiously examined their hands for blood,? but ?nobody was bleeding.?

?The thought of ingesting a stranger?s blood was disturbing, distressing, and nauseating,? the suit said.

I suppose the photo below denotes a blood stain. EU!

Starbucks spokesman Reggie Borges told The Washington Post on Thursday the company is ?incredibly surprised? by the lawsuit and a news release put out by the family?s attorney, ?especially since we?ve been working with the family over the past two years? to figure out what took place.

Surprising, since the lawsuit states that a store manager apologized and told the family she had ?located the bleeding employee and removed the employee from the sales floor.?

There is so much more to this case, with the father realizing there was also blood on his cup, Starbucks allegedly not being sympathetic at first and the family having repeated blood tests throughout the year. Read all about it at the Washington Post.


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