Sickness Personified! NC Father and Daughter Arrested for Having Baby Together

*A North Carolina man and his biological daughter have been arrested for having an incestuous relationship that produced a baby.

Steven Pladl, 42, of Knightdale, and his daughter Katie Pladl, 20, were arrested Jan. 27 after being outed to the police by the man’s estranged wife.

Katie Pladi was adopted out of state when she was born, but upon turning 18, she went on social media to find her biological parents.

According to  KRON4, the teen moved in with her biological parents and their two children in August 2016, but by November Steven Pladl and his wife had legally separated.

The wife, who remains unidentified, told police that her husband, Katie’s father, used to sleep on the girl’s floor in the months before the separation. The wife learned that her estranged husband had impregnated the girl from a journal kept by one of their daughters.

When the wife asked Steven Pladl if it was true that he had gotten his daughter pregnant, he admitted to it and even said he planned to marry the girl. And on her social media pages she identifies as married.

Steven and Katie Pladl have both been charged with incest with adult, adultery, and contributing to delinquency.

Each of them was issued a $1 million bond.

Steven Pladl was released on bond. Katie Pladl remains in jail, according to reports.

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