Omg. Deep-Sea Fisherman’s Incredible ‘Finds’ Makes Him Online Sensation (Look!)

Roman Fedortsov with one of his incredible catches!

*Russian fisherman, Roman Fedortsov, has become quite the Internet sensation since sharing some of the remarkable deep sea creatures on Twitter.

After looking at some of the creatures he and his team captured, some with bulging eyes, others with razor sharp teeth, rodent tails and tar slathered skin, you may never want to go swimming in the ocean again.

First up, this nasty looking thang. Oh, excuse me, its called a Macrourus fish, and usually, its found deep down in the Arctic and Antarctic oceans. It also goes by names such as ?rat tail? (you do see why, right?) and ?grenadier?. 

It’s darn ugly by ANY name. Ugh!

Oh hello no! Do you see what I’m seeing below?

WTF you may ask? This ugliest-creature-I-have-ever-seen is called a Frill Shark. It’s very rare and often referred to as a ?living fossil.? Somebody CAUGHT this! Look at the yellow eyes. And what kind of teeth are those? Lawd! 

Now before you go saying Ugh after looking at the slimy green mess below, let me ask you something: have you ever eaten Caviar?

It’s called a Lumpsucker, and wait for it…THIS is where caviar comes from. So glad I never cared for the whole fish egg thing. The eggs are often used as a substitute to sturgeon as the key ingredient of caviar. Lumpsuckers are extremely poor swimmers so they stay at the bottom of the ocean, camouflaging themselves (and praying) they won’t get eaten.

Oh god. I just can’t! Halibut anyone? 

OK, nobody knows what that thing on the left is. It looks like it was once the head of an eagle and I pray no part of it was ever in one of my fish dishes. But that creature on the right should be familiar to y’all. It’s halibut. You know, that fish you ordered just the other day on that date?

Barf bag anyone?

“It” is transparent, as you can see. I’m so grossed out right now. Imagine someone catching this, bringing it up to the surface, and then positioning it — no, touching it — to photograph and put on Twitter? Ewwww!

Gross enough for you or do you want more? Here’s where you hard core fiends can see more of the fisherman’s catches.


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