2018 Grammys ‘Gift Bag’ Helps Soothe Pain for Those Who Remain ‘Nominees’

*The 2018 Grammys may be over and after a rush of months looking forward to it, many of music’s finest left with the same title they came with, “nominee.” But I have a feeling their spirits were lifted, once they set eyes on the Grammys “Gift Lounge.”

Go on in and let ’em make a boo-boo better. Just look at what you get to take home!

Because you are who  you are, you got to walk into that Gifting Suite at Madison Square Garden, and peruse a wide variety of products retailers were BEGGING you to take. For free. And maybe pose with them in a pic of you holding the box.

Hey, much of this stuff hasn’t even been released in the states yet!

Let’s see, your finger is twitching like crazy because it senses that awesome smart ring over there. And wait! No way is that belt with  an LED Light that promises to burn fat!

Omg. Grammy who? Uh-huh. Something tells me you’re feeling better already, and you’ve barely gotten in the door!

Shhh…take a peek inside the Official Grammys Gift Lounge

According to AOL, who went inside the Gifting Suite three days prior to the show, the products out on display were just some of the items stars got to snag. AOL spotted massive suitcases filled to the brim with items, including their own little pine trees from GoodKarms and even items for their little ones at home, like Curlee Girlee books.

You can actually see the stars in the Gift Lounge with some of the exciting swag gifts here.

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