Florida Man Tells Cops He Plotted Neighbors’ Death for a “Long Time” and Has “No Regrets” After Killing Him

Qiu Feng Ke

*So this is where hate takes you. Qiu Feng Ke, 60, (pictured above) is in the back of a police car telling them how he has been plotting to kill his neighbor, Edward Tudor, 37, for a long time, and that he has no regrets.

The execution was caught on camera.

Ke, who also went by the name, Joe Ke, had planned to commit suicide after he killed his neighbor and even went so far as to have his will notarized documenting his intention, according to a complaint affidavit obtained by The New York Post.

?The defendant told me he took two loaded handguns and two additional loaded magazines and went to the victim?s residence to kill the victim,? according to the complaint affidavit. 

According to a report in the New York Post…

?The defendant said he chose the 9mm over the .22 caliber because his chances of harming the defendant were better with the 9mm.?

Ke opened Tudor?s front door Tuesday afternoon and walked in to ?surprise? Tudor, who was unarmed and holding a small dog when Ke shot him once, according to deputies and surveillance footage from outside of his home.

Tudor then held his hand out as if to stop Ke from ?harming him any further? before he was shot several more times.

?The victim went outside pleading and asking the defendant why he was doing this,? the complaint affidavit continues. ?The defendant said the victim was on the ground in the front lawn, where the defendant shot him several more times, resulting in the victim?s death.?

My god. 

As if this horrific incident wasn’t enough, Ke, who told cops the victim had never threatened him in any way, then revealed he had planned to kill a woman named “Jen,” who also lives at the residence.

Ke did go back inside after killing Tudor, and he did find a woman there, but determined she was not “Jen,” according to the complaint affidavit.

?The defendant said he shot the victim in the head to ?end it,? because if he had let the victim live the dispute would have continued and the victim would have laughed at him.?

Investigators are working to get a fix on exactly what the fued between Ke and Tudor was about, said a spokeswoman named Melanie Snow, from the Pasco County Sheriff?s Office.

?The suspect has multiple surveillance cameras on his home and the houses were right next door to each other, so that will definitely help with our investigation,? Snow told The Post. ?But we?re still in the process of going through what happened here and figuring out the motive.?

Ke is being held without bail in the meantime.


In a videotaped interview from his jail cell (see below), Ke explains why he shot and killed his neighbor saying he was being bullied and felt he “had no way out.”

He tells reporter, Erik Waxler, that he will represent himself in court.

?I?m not going to fight for myself. I?m going to fight to get the death penalty, because I don?t have any parents, any friends. I don?t have relatives. I?m by myself. The only love I know is my parents’ love. And they are gone already,? Ke said.


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