Watch: Former Kentucky Asst. Police Chief Told Recruit to ‘Shoot’ Black Juveniles and ‘F**k’ Their Fine Mama’s

Former Prospect Assistant Police Chief, Todd Shaw

*Racist in Blue outed! Here we go again.

When a recruit was attempting to get information for an essay asked his boss at the time, Prospect Assistant Police Chief,  Todd Shaw, what the right course of action would be if he caught juveniles smoking marijuana, Shaw allegedly responded, “F**k the right thing. If black, shoot them.”

As if that wasn’t sick enough, when the recruit asked what to tell the parents of these juveniles, Shaw said: ?? call their (pa)rents ? if mom is hot then f— her ? if dad is hot then handcuff him and make him suck my d—.”

Shaw continued, ?Unless daddy is black. ? Then shoot him.?

Of course Shaw never expected what turned out to be numerous racist and sexually explicit posts to the unnamed recruit to see the light of day.

But they did. Hey, no one ever said racists were smart.

No one.

It was Jefferson County Attorney Mike O?Connell who came upon and shared these atrocities in a letter he wrote to Prospect Mayor John Evans on Aug. 31.

Shaw resigned from the suburban Louisville department late last year.

O’Connell was investigating an entirely different matter when he stumbled upon the Facebook posts from Shaw to the recruit, and  looking at the video report below, the former Assistant Police chief has embarrassed the entire Louisville Metro Police Department.

But with that said, why wasn’t Shaw fired as soon as they found out what he did? 

According to Prospect Mayor, John Evans, it’s because “That’s not how the law works.”

“Anyone who shares such racist views should not be given a badge or a gun,” attorney O’Connell is seen stating in the video report.

“He had a clean record,” according to Mayor Evans, when the Prospect Police Dept. hired Shaw fresh from in LMPD in 2012.

Once he received the letter — which included several of the Facebook posts — from Attorney O’Connell, Evans turned around and shared the info with the Prospect Police Department.

Mayor Evans gets choked up and emotional while talking to the reporter, saying how proud he was of his city, and how shocked he was to learn about such behavior from a man he thought he knew.

“My only inclination about Todd was that he was a bit of a character,” the Mayor tells the reporter.

Because of these messages, 24 cases involving Shaw is expected to be dismissed.

Question readers: What do you think Todd Shaw did when he was confronted? Give me a line on what his defense may have been. Humor me.

Watch the video report directly below.

WDRB 41 Louisville News

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