Man Orders Cheap Veneers Online…Look at What He Got! (I’m Still Laughing!)

Ben Watson BEFORE veneers

*Be careful what you ask for. Or even better, be careful what you go for. Remember what mama said? “There’s a fool born every minute.” She also warned us: Don’t you be the one. 

If someone says here’s a cheaper way to get something that may generally cost much more, well, you’ve got to wonder about the shortcut that’s being taken.

Case in point, this English chap named Ben Watson decided he wanted the “Perfect Smile” that was being advertised by an online company. The retailer,, advertised that for $60, he could have just that.

Watson had, after all, been photographed by friends when they all went out recently, and didn’t like how he looked after admittedly being a regular consumer of coffee and Red Bull.

?I went on a night out with my friends and they took a photo of me, with the flash on. When the flash hit my teeth, they were yellower than the sun,? Watson told I thought, ?I am going to have to invest, rather buy some teeth, buy some teeth whitening or look at a cheaper way to correct them.?

Rule: Emotional shopping is dangerous!

But dude wanted pretty teeth, so he went online.

?I thought, ?Why not? It?s a cheap way to do it,’? Watson said. ?I thought I was I just going to wear them over my regular teeth and nobody would be able to tell the difference. They were advertised to [be] sticking over my teeth, no hassle, mess free.?

About 30 days later the package arrived. Excited as all get out, yet not at home, Watson had his roommate open the box. 

Oh god.

The roommate was laughing so hard he couldn’t even speak, Watson said.

Here’s why.

?I just thought this couldn?t get any worse. I thought, ?I can?t really wear them in the environment that I wanted,’ so I said, ‘I?ll wear them out just as a laugh.’?

Dude’s a real glutton for punishment, ya think?

Later that evening, his friends gave him exactly that: A GOOD laugh.

?It was probably one of the most funniest things that could have ever happened,” Watson said. “I mean, my friend took a video with them and they fell straight out of my mouth. It really was funny but bad at the same time.?

So happy Ben could see the humor in this awful but hilarious purchase. Dude says he’s not even gonna sue. Now you know WE would be all over that lawsuit!

But I digress.

Inside Edition said they tried to reach out to Is it any surprise they were unsuccessful? Nobody home.


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