Harvey Weinstein Attacked in Arizona Restaurant (Watch!)

*Well, there’s two things we know for sure. Harvey Weinstein is a sleaze and two, he was attacked by in an Arizona restaurant yesterday.

What we are a bit fuzzy about is who is telling the truth about what went down prior to the attack.

Weinstein was said to be finishing dinner with his sober coach (?) at Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort when a man approached him and asked for a photo. The man had been seated at an adjacent table in the restaurant.

Here’s where the details on how things started differ.

Steve, the man who approached Weinstein, told TMZ that he had walked up to the disgraced studio head and praised him prior to asking him to take a pic with him. According to Steve, Weinstein not only declined, he was belligerent about it.

But the restaurant manager had a different turn on how things went down. According to the manager, Harvey was “very sweet” about declining the photo, even telling Steve, “I’d rather not take a picture right now.”

The manager said that Harvey and Steve even shook hands. Both parties finished dinner around the same time and headed out.

Now keep this in mind as you read on: Steve admitted to TMZ that he had quite a bit to drink and told his friend to start recording (implying that he wads about to do something).

Video, obtained by TMZ, (Scroll down) shows the man hitting Weinstein in the face twice, calling him a piece of sh*t and telling him to leave the restaurant. We see Weinstein stumble a bit, remove the skull cap he’s wearing and look at the man in confusion. What he did NOT do, was retaliate. All the while another man, maybe his sober coach, makes an attempt to stop the filming of the incident.

We see Harvey just walking away.

My take on this is people need to stop drinking to the point of drunkenness, for one! Two, I have no love for Harvey, but I tend to believe the manager’s side of the story.  It makes more sense that Harvey would “politely decline” photos. The last thing he wants or needs right now is attention — which being belligerent would have undoubtedly caused.

On the other hand, drunk-ass Steve DID want attention and from my viewpoint, after seeing the video, started the whole damn thang.

Surrounding folk didn’t appear to give a you-know-what either way. Go figure.

See the TMZ-obtained video below.

Do you think it’s karma for Harvey and he deserves whatever he gets…or should people just leave him the hell alone?


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