Charlotte Woman Used Her Mugshot to Promote Hair Business…And it Worked! (Watch)

Shia Yearwood mugshot

*Now how can you be mad at her, I ask you? As the saying goes,  “When life gives you lemons, doggone it! Make lemonade!!” That’s exactly what Shia Yearwood did when she seized the moment and used her mugshot photo as an opportunity to promote her hair business.

Arrested and charged with violating a domestic protective order in Mecklenburg County on Wednesday, Yearwood started receiving compliments on her braids after the facility published her picture.

Twitter account @CharlotteMugs shared her mugshot, and the responses came pouring in.

?Okay but who did her hair?? Twitter user @daleeshish asked.

?Me,? Yearwood replied.

Yearwood retweeted the mugshot on Thursday, promoting her hairstyling business with the hashtag #BraidsByShia. 

In the Inside Edition video below (scroll down) the 24-year-old says it all stated as a joke for her friends.

“I tweeted it just being funny saying #BraidsbyShia.” They flash on her mugshot photo and, its not bad at all — as mugshots go.

It’s no wonder she wasn’t embarrassed to flaunt it!

And the risk she took paid off!

By Sunday, her tweet had more than 4,000 retweets and 8,000 likes. 

Business, she says, is booming!

?I would just like to say I do appreciate the internet for the laughs and the new clients,? she tweeted on Saturday. ?Lol turn negatives into positives all 2018.?

Now of course everyone is wondering why she was in jail in the first place? On Twitter, Shia said it involves a child custody case.

Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about! You go Shia! Wishing you all the best.

Watch the video below to hear Shia tell the story in her own words



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