Pamela Anderson Raises Awareness Of Sexual Assault In Rideshare Cars

In recent months, the #MeToo Movement has brought stories of sexual assault to the forefront, motivating women all over the world to come forward with their stories. As celebrities and other public figures continue to share support, this movement surges forward. And in a recent push, no other than Pamela Anderson is taking on sexual assault in a niche market:

The ridesharing business. 

According to a press release, Anderson partnered with the National Limousine Association (NLA) in their Ride Responsibility initiative, creating a video to draw attention to assaults that happen in rideshares.

“The astounding number of tweets that referenced #MeToo and #uber was absolutely frightening, and disheartening to say the least,” NLA president Gary Buffo said in the press release. “It is time to recognize that these services are simply unsafe, and pose an inherent threat to anyone using them, due to the blatantly insufficient background checks that Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) use…Together, we are actively working to compel safety measures that will prevent these crimes.”

While there are over 130,000 limousines in the United States, ride-sharing companies such as Uber and Lift are growing in popularity. In New York City alone, there are about 14,088 Uber cars in operation. And companies like Uber run the risk of hiring employees who will sexually assault their customers. This is why the NLA and partners are pushing companies to prioritize rider safety.

“When I first embarked on my quest to raise awareness about the safety risks associated with ride-hailing apps, I had no idea of the frequency or disturbing nature of the incidents,” Anderson said in the press release. “Fingerprint-based background checks are a simple step that these transportation providers can take, and it is beyond me why this practice isn’t commonplace in 2018. These apps are optimized for predators and will remain so until common sense safety measures are put in place.”

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