6-Year-Old Boy Leaves Brooklyn School With Two Broken Arms…And No One Said a Word!

*Imagine being a mother who arrives at your sons school to pick him up and you discover only a short time later that he was forced to sit in school — all day, mind you — with two broken wrists.

…Now imagine no one said a word about his injuries when you arrived.

This is what Krystal Alejandro says happened at P. S. 106 on December 18. She said when she went to her son’s school he complained that his hands were sore and showed her scratches on his arms saying he had fallen on the school playground.

It wasn’t until the little boy, named Armani, kept complaining throughout the night that his mother decided to take him to  Wyckoff Hospital. She was shocked at what the doctors told her!

…that both of her son’s wrists were fractured.

He has since been wearing two heavy casts on his arms and is too upset to return to class, Alejandro said.

?It?s like he can?t be a 6-year-old boy anymore,? said Alejandro, 30, a cashier. ?I have to do everything for him because of his casts. It bothers him and he hates it.?

Armani is in a great deal of physical pain and mental anguish. Its not surprising that he does not want to go to school after allegedly being ignored by staff. His mother has chosen to home-school the boy for now.

A report in New York Daily News says Alejandro claims the school’s principal, Magaly Moncayo, said that the incident happened on the playground just after classes ended and that Armani was supposed to be supervised by after-school workers.

Alejandro said Armani just told her he fell on a school jungle gym.

Moncayo didn?t respond to an email seeking comment, but DOE spokeswoman Miranda Barbot said the school is looking into what happened.

?The safety of students and staff is our top priority,? Barbot said. ?We are treating this with the utmost seriousness and it will be thoroughly investigated.?

Marcel Florestal, the family’s attorney, said on Friday, that the school caused lasting harm against the boy and that the city must be held accountable. He plans to file a notice of claim against the city for failing to prevent Armani?s injuries with adequate supervision.

?The real issue is, there was no supervision for kids on the playground,? Florestal said.

?None of the precautions were taken and the lack of supervision caused the incident.?


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