Ohio Teens Charged With ‘Murder’ After Sandbag Thrown from Freeway Overpass Kills Passenger Below

*Why? This is the question in our hearts as we remain perplexed as to why four teens decided to get their kicks by throwing a construction sandbag off a freeway overpass. That same sandbag landed on a car traveling below; a car with a passenger who is dead because of it.

It didn’t take long for the teens, three 14 and one 13, to be apprehended. They were located not far from the area where the incident happened.

According to authorities, who believe the act was intentional, not accidental, the sandbag was thrown over the Indiana Avenue bridge onto Interstate 75 in Toledo on Dec. 19, around 10 p.m. The bag landed on a car, crashed through the windshield and critically injured the front passenger, Marquise Byrd, of Warren, Michigan.

The driver, who was heading south on I-75, was not injured.

Byrd, who was the father of a one-year-old boy, was engaged to be married.

Marquise Byrd was killed when a sandbag thrown from the 75 North freeway in Ohio crashed through the windshield of the car he was riding in.


?God, God… he is laid out at my feet,? the driver said in a frantic 911 call. ?I think this windshield might have smacked his head.?

Initially, the teens were charged with felonious assault in juvenile court. But Byrd’s death on Friday, after sustaining a serious head injury, prompted the prosecutor?s office to amend the criminal complaint. Now, the teens face charges of murder, felony vehicular vandalism and misdemeanor vehicular vandalism.

Lori Olender, deputy chief of the juvenile division of the Lucas County Prosecutor?s Office, said that all four boys denied the charges against them.

A report in CNN reads, “While this season is typically a time of family celebration and togetherness, ours has been a season of profound loss and grieving,” said Lillian Diallo, an attorney for Byrd’s family, in a statement after the charges were upgraded to murder.
“We have a mother mourning the senseless loss of her son, and a brother in the military who just came from the risks of deployment overseas … home to the horror of burying his younger brother.”
Senseless. Absolutely senseless. No more words other than our condolences to this family. 


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