No Green Christmas For You! Elderly Couple Caught Transporting 60 Lbs of Weed

THIS is what 60 pounds of weed looks like!

*I’ll bet dollars to donuts nobody saw this one coming. But in the event I’m wrong, there are some pretty unhappy, clear-headed people out there after Ma and Pa Kettle got busted carrying their Christmas presents in the trunk of their Toyota Tacoma.

After being caught going over the center line without signaling, Nebraska deputies pulled over Patrick Jiron, 80, and his wife  Barbara Jiron, 83.

But it was the strong smell of raw marijuana, later revealed as 60 lbs with a net worth of $300,000.00, that really got the couple in trouble.

When questioned, the pair said they were from northern California and were en route to Boston and Vermont.

Pause: You know they were probably thinking no one would suspect an elderly Caucasian couple of transporting weed! 

They obviously never considered the driving part! No word yet on whether a drug test was performed on the driver. Whoever that was.

After admitting to having a trunk filled with weed, and giving the officers permission to search, their claim was confirmed.

80-year-old Patrick Jiron

With the help of the county’s canine unit, deputies searched the truck and found the weed; along with multiple containers of concentrated THC.

Lt. Paul Vrbka told the York News-Times

“They said the marijuana was for Christmas presents.” 

That intended good deed now has the Jiron’s facing felony charges for possession of marijuana with the intent to deliver and no drug tax stamp. (Nebraska law requires marijuana dealers to purchase drug tax stamp from its Department of Revenue as evidence that the state’s drug tax has been paid.)

Hopefully the judge, recognizing their age, will show some mercy. I mean really, what good would putting people in their “twilight years” in prison do?

I am sure you can think of a more “just” form of punishment. If not, perhaps ThisNthat readers have some suggestions.


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