Check Out These New Year’s Eve Events…Some Are FREE!

*You know what’s up with that how you doin’? Even more to the point, if you DON’T know what up for New Year’s Eve we’ve gathered a list of LINKS to help you decide on how you’d like to say buh-bye to 2017 and Hello to 2018 ANYWHERE IN AND AROUND THE COUNTRY!

Aw shucks, its OK. You’re welcome.

Time Out and their ideas on how to spend NEW YEAR’S EVE IN LOS ANGELES. Not only do they share loads of parties, events and resolutions, but no cash doesn’t have to mean no fun.

There’s a list of FREE EVENTS too!

Click here to check out the Time Out article

Want to party Black Metropolis style? Click here

Some of L.A.’s BEST New Year’s Eve Events can be found here thanks to Trip Savvy

Now we know our readers come from all over the country so…

The Dirty Dozen Brass Band will be performing in Raleigh, North Carolina

For our Raleigh readers, and those planning on a visit to North Carolina for New Year’s Eve, check out the parties and other events here thanks to the News & Observer.

Things to do in the ATL on New Year’s Eve thanks to

NEW YORK concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there’s nothing you can’t do! –Alicia Keys

Check out what Ball Drop offers if you plan on spending New Years Eve in The Big Apple!

Wait! Time Out give you even more things to do if you’re in New York on New Years Eve. Click here for the goods!

Nas will be there!

Hey its a BIG world, but right now we’re just focusing on our huge country. So no matter where you are on New Year’s Eve, there is something fun going on if you want to party.

Check out Tanza Loudenback’s Business Insider article on the Best places to celebrate New Year’s 2018 that don’t cost a fortune right here.

You all mean the world to us, so please, what’s-N-evah you do, please be safe.

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