Veterinarian Charged With Shooting Neighbors Dog in the Head

Kelly Folse charged with fatally shooting neighbors dog in the head

*A Louisiana veterinarian has been arrested and charged with fatally wounding a neighbors 15-month-old dog because he barked too much.

Though the vet denies any involvement in the dogs death, an investigation by the authorities revealed a series of “hostile” messages sent by 35-year-old Kelly Folse to a neighbor according to what Jefferson Parish Sheriff Joseph Lopinto said during a news conference

Stacy Fitzner, a woman identified as an owner of the dog, told Fox 8 she had left Bruizer in the yard  when she went to work. But when her mother passed by the home later that day, she noticed the dog’s motionless body in the grass. When she went over to check on him, she saw he was surrounded by blood. 

 Bruizer was rushed to the vet, but died there on December 14, the day after he was found in the yard, as a result of his injuries. The was taken to Abadie Veterinary Hospital; the same vet?s office where Folse worked, but she was not involved in his treatment.


Folse, whose family argues that her love of animals makes these claims against her “outrageous,” was fired immediately on the day of Bruizer’s death. They had been shown ?totally inappropriate and disgusting? text messages the vet had sent about Bruizer by the dog’s owners.

?So that gave us the first clue to it,? Abadie told WWLT-TV. ?And later that morning there was some statements made about the dog that did not sit well with the technicians and myself and we just told her to leave right there.?

The hospital also addressed the issue on Facebook.

Folse was also charged with drug possession and illegal discharge of a firearm.



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