WTF? Teen Pushes Child Into Middle of Mall Fight (Watch)

*To say “we have got to do better” when it comes to the behavior of our high school aged children — after looking at this video — is a huge understatement.

No one has a clue as to what started this chaotic mall fight showing at least a dozen girls beating and kicking one of their own. But the real mystery is WTF was the girl with the child thinking when she decided to push the child into the middle of the fight, just so she could kick the girl who was already down.

Not sure if the child, who can’t be more than three years old, belonged to the girl or if she was babysitting. Either way, I’d buy movie tickets for whoever can positively ID this girl so that she can be dealt with.

This you’ve GOT to see.

Take a look at the disturbing New York Post video below. Police are still investigating.

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