Man’s $846K Inheritance Lost By UPS, But They Offer to Refund the Shipping Costs

Louis Paul Herbert

*A Canadian man is nothing short of beside himself after his inheritance check got lost in the mail. The $846,000 inheritance was sent to him by his sister after their father died.

Sent in the form of a bank draft from TD Canada Trust, the United Parcel Service (UPS) admitted to losing track of the package and now its been 10 months and they have only offered an apology and a $32 refund for the cost of shipping.

Louis Paul Herbert had gone to the UPS near Cornwall, Ontario to wait for a package being sent by his family, who was busy finalizing the details of their father’s Will. 

?I?m waiting at the UPS store, around 3 p.m. because that?s when they said the guys came in?nothing shows up,? Herbert told CBC News. ?I came back in the evening. Nothing shows up…and I?m wondering, ?What?s happened to my inheritance?’?

Lorette Taylor, Herbert’s sister,  told CBS News ?It was a total surprise. Never in my wildest imagination did I think something like this would happen.? 

Taylor had mailed the draft to her brother from her attorney office 270 miles away. The funds had been released to her in  February, and she didn’t want her brother to have to worry about picking such a large amount of money up, so the bank said that sending a draft via UPS would be the safest way. So she did.

But the package was lost and UPS says they have no way to trace it.

The bank doesn’t want to refund the money because someone might cash in the draft later. The only way they will offer a refund is if Taylor agrees to pay them back if the draft is cashed by someone.

Taylor did end up signing the agreement, but now, 10 months later, says the bank ?never paid anyone a dime.? The bank also demanded she allow them to put a lien against her house if the draft was cashed.

This, Taylor has refused to do. She feels UPS should take responsibility and sign any paperwork the bank insists upon.

While this game of ping-pong continues, Herbert says he’s flat broke. He has maxed out his credit cards, too.

Herbert says, ?TD has the money. The money is actually sitting in an account with TD. Nothing has been stolen. It?s there. That?s my inheritance,? he said.

With that money, Herbert said, ?I would have been retired.?

Wow! No words. None.

Who do you think should pay?



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