Black Santa, Where Are You? Well, I’m Right Here, Little One

*Ah yes. A Santa our little ones can identify with. A Santa whose skin color matches theirs. Not that we’re picky, well, in this case we may be. As you very well know, Christmas is upon us, and every Santa we see represented on cards, calendars, and in just about every mall, is white.

As African Americans, you know we have to actually look for people, places and things designed with us in mind. Such is the case with Santa. Its imperative that we show our little ones, no matter how young, that not all Santa’s are white. This is an image we’ve got to nip in the bud asap.

So with this in mind, a map of where you can find an ethnic Santa — anywhere in the United States — has been created. You can see it below. 

Email photos of your children with Santa to, no later than December 20. I’d love to publish them!

Here’s the map. Happy holidays.


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