Australia Man Convicted Of Drunk Driving After Demanding 200 Chicken Nuggets

How much do you love chicken nuggets?

Probably not as much as this guy.

A 31-year-old Australian man was tried in a local court for drunk driving after causing a scene in a local McDonald’s parking lot — demanding 200 chicken McNuggets. Buzzfeed reports that Kole Olsen drove to McDonald’s after a night of consuming alcohol. He then asked for 200 McNuggets at the drive-thru. When the drive-thru employee told him that they could not fulfill the order, he threatened the worker.

“I want my [expletive] nuggets … I’m gonna [expletive] you up,” he said.

The average drunk driver has driven while intoxicated 80 times before they are actually arrested, but authorities caught Olsen partaking in this dangerous behavior on this strange night. Buzzfeed reports that after he yelled at the McDonald’s employee, he drove four laps around the parking lot before returning to the window and ordering 200 hash browns — costing a lofty $230.

McDonald’s staff proceeded to lock the doors and call the police, all while Olsen demanded a refund of 200 large fries and 200 Big Macs, according to Australia’s 9 News. Police found Olsen behind the wheel, still at the McDonald’s. 

9 News reports that Olsen plead guilty to a one-year good behavior bond and a $1,000 fine. He is also banned from driving for nine months and will be attending Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. He also told the court he was vegan. Fancy that. 

All of this happened at 4:40 a.m., according to Daily Mail, and serves as proof that no matter how much you want your chicken McNuggets, you should call a cab and go home. Your safety and dignity depend on it.

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