Impossible People to Shop For on Your List? Consider This…

*Everyone has at least one family member, friend, boss or colleague who is just impossible to buy a gift for. Either they are so tight-lipped they don’t give you any clues as to what they might want; to full of pride to say what they need; or just don’t seem to like anything you.

Still, you want to get them something.

Let’s see: there’s that datebook you bought them…the one they never used. Then there was that sweater. Well, it may not have been sexy, but you thought it was cute.

Now here we are again.

No worries. I’ve put together a list of holiday gift ideas that just might work.

First, let’s get down to the brass taxes of how to shop. We have a tendency to shop more the person than for the personality. Let’s change that first. Just because she’s mom, or he’s dad, doesn’t automatically mean to shop old.

Think of their different personalities. Is your dad someone who likes to golf, or even play basketball or watch the game(s). He’d probably love a signed original, a collectible, of one of his favorite sports figures; or a souvenir book from an event he missed. Go on eBay to see what’s available for someone with his interests. Something he’d never think to get for himself. Something memorable. Something personality-based.

Mom’s personality is probably awesome in so many ways. OK, I’m biased. But think about the memories she shared with you. The stories she told you where she just seemed to light up at the mere thought. Then do a little research to see what you can find. Is there an old scrapbook you can have redone? Is one of her favorite bands on tour? Buy her a ticket to their show. Does she love the theatre? If its in your budget, maybe a season pass. What about a hair or makeup appointment. I swear, the possibilities are endless.

And what about the intellectual in your life? Books, puzzles, tech devices that challenge the mind and allows them to compete with themselves will suit them just fine. But put some real thought into it. Personality matters! Even something as simple as a customized cup saying something they would definitely think.


…the social media addict: Since nobody can pull her (or him) away from the computer, perhaps a gift certificate for a website they can build or dot-com for them to put all of their collectibles on.

…and last, but not least, the couch potato. They’ve made up their mind to binge-watch every show on TV. And once in a while, they may turn on a movie. They’re going to need to be comfortable right?

How about a cozy fleece blanket with sleeves and footsies? Ooh, I got it! How about a seat caddie? They won’t have to reach beyond the couch for anything and there are a lot of different styles!

Now that you know how to shop for personality, show those on your list that you’ve shopped thoughtfully.

Got some ideas I missed? Send ’em in and we’ll add them to the list.

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