Shhhh…Here’s 5 Secrets Shopping Malls Don’t Want You to Know

*Have you noticed all of the “sales” signs in the windows of your favorite stores at the mall? Have you seen the new, bigger shopping carts right outside the store for your convenience? What about all of those “Clearance” items way in the back, did you ever happen to reach them or were you distracted along the way?

It’s a setup. Nothing is for naught. I don’t care if its a single red bag hanging on the door knob of Target. SOMEbody was directed to put it there to get your attention,

Damn! And they get us every time.

Now we’re going to arm ourselves so that the next time we go into a mall, at least we can recognize the traps. It may just save us some money…

…or not.

Here is 5 things to look out for when you go to the mall to shop.

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