Uh-Oh Andy — Cohen That Is — and ‘Housewives’ Star Being Sued for $30M

*Looks like the mouth of talk show host, Andy Cohen, may have written a check his ass can’t cash. Probably much to the delight of many on the social media platform, who took issue with his guest, Patti LaBelle, ‘outing’ the beloved late crooner, Luther Vandross, on his show recently, the host of Watch What Happens Live on the Bravo network may need to take several seats after being sued for $30M by a woman who takes issue with a comment he made that she says has damaged her business reputation.

But not to worry, Cohen won’t be sitting alone. Housewives star Melissa Gorga will be right by his side.  

In fact, Gorga is actually more of a direct target. Her friend Cohen came onboard using, what else, that mouth.

Jackie Beard Robinson is the woman suing. She said the two made her look like a thief on the popular reality show Housewives and she wants $30 million because she says the portrayal has negatively impacted her business and personal life.

She is officially suing NBC Universal, Andy Cohen and Melissa Gorga for defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress. This according to court docs cited by The Blast on December 7.

OK, here’s the backstory as Robinson tells it.

Melissa Gorga

She met Melissa when the reality star shopped in her retail store in Florida. They must’ve hit it off with a big bang because the two women went into business together and a clothing store called “Envy by Melissa Gorga” was opened in New York.

But in 2016 things went awry — with the partnership suddenly dissolving. Jackie said that Melissa “misappropriated” over $37,000 from the company.

Now you know how reality shows are. So what do you think popped up as a good storyline on Melissa Gorga’s show?

Her business deal gone bad.

Needless to say, Robinson was not happy. Especially since she says she had gone to the store IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (contrary to the sneaked over in the night presentation made in the docs) to retrieve her property, but the show’s producers presented it as if she “snuck into Envy in the middle of the night and stole clothing.” 

Then, making bad matters worse, Melissa’s buddy, Andy Cohen, spoke on his Watch What Happens Live show; where the Housewives star was a guest,  and quipped, “Wow, so, that lady wound up kinda ripping you off?”

To which Melissa answered, Yes.”


About that check…we’ll keep an eye on this one.





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