Oops! Man Accidentally Burns Entire Neighborhood Down Trying Something He Saw on TV

*How will this fool EVER be able to look his neighbors in the eye? This is a question we are all most likely wondering. Well, thanks to him trying a stunt he saw on the TV show, Forged On Fire, he probably won’t…ever again!

Woo! At this point I hope his neighbors are some very, very, compassionate people. But compassion is not what is likely. Real time? They will probably beat the crap out of him first. 


This fool’s antics destroyed three residential buildings and damaged 28 others in the city of Cohoes, New York — displacing as many as 28 people, Shawn Morse, the mayor, said in an interview on Saturday. 

John Gomes, 51, must’ve got ?Forged in Fire,? a television series on History (formerly known as The History Channel) where bladesmiths compete to create swords and other edged weapons mixed up with the simplicity of making a meal recipe from YouTube.

No fool! Not this time. Not this show!  

In speaking with the media on Thursday, Mayor Morse told reporters the man was, ?…trying to bend metal and make a hammer or something.? The winds didn’t see fit to participate.

Lawd! An entire neighborhood!

John Gomes

?He?s a father of two,? Christopher Ritchey, an Albany County public defender who is representing Mr. Gomes, said in an interview on Saturday. ?He?s a hard-working plumber. And this is just a terrible, unfortunate accident, but it?s not a crime.?

IT’S NOT????

According to a report in the New York Times, Gomes was charged with felony counts of arson and reckless endangerment. He was arrested on Thursday and posted bail of $15,000 on Friday.

When media attempted to reach him for comment on Saturday he was ghost.

As crazy as this incident was, its not the first time this former mill town has been so unfortunate with fire. The NY Times reports, in 1988, on Remsen Street, the SAME STREET as Thursday’s fire, nine buildings was destroyed.

In 1863, The New York Times reported that several women were killed in the city when a mill they were working in burst into flames.

The fire on Thursday spanned three blocks. According to Mr. Morse, a former firefighter, it was the largest one that he could recall.

Do you think ‘Sorry’ will cut it? 

Let me get that for you: Hell no!


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