He Didn’t Sign Up for This! Woman Screams Obscenities at Mall Santa (Watch)

*Poor Mall Santa. What has the world come to? Not only do they have to deal with trying to make cranky infants smile, and terrible two toddlers pulling on their beard, sometimes they have to deal with crazy ass grown folk.

A cellphone video has surfaced showing a woman screaming at a Santa who was sitting in one of those decorated enclosures inside the mall where they wait for the next group of kids to show up and take pictures. There were no kids, just some woman screaming obscenities at Santa — calling him a ‘dickhead’ and saying “You’re not even real, you don’t have a sleigh. I heard about you when I was little.”

Oh god.

Poor Santa just sat there and looked at her in the 32-second clip. And when she was finished, he just got up and walked away.

It was that simple.

The incident happened in a Toronto mall. No word on what inspired the woman’s outburst. But does it really matter?

I mean seriously, he did NOT sign up for this. Not for no $10 per hour!!!

I wonder if he’ll sue for distress. Just kidding, I think.

Take a look at the video below. SMH.



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