Woman’s ‘Don’t You Think You Should Shoot’ Dog Question to Cop Goes Viral (Watch)

*That’s one strong little doggie! And Jessica Dilallo can’t find one f**k to give as to why you don’t agree that the cop watching it tear her car up should’ve shot it. But folks on the good ‘ole world wide web beg to differ. Based on the more than 10 million views of the video — where she can be heard asking a police officer identified by NewsChannel9 as Lt. Matthew Locke of the Dalton Police Department, “You don’t think you should shoot him?” they wouldn’t mind if she got shot instead.

Dilallo, who tells the media,  ?I’m like the most hated person right now because I said I wanted to shoot the dog,? claims she has received all kinds of “death threats” and been called all sorts of “white trash” for even thinking such a thing. Yet and still she says, ?but I still stand by that.?

Apparently the dog, later identified as a pit-bull pup named Red, was trying to fiercely get at two cats hiding under the hood of Dilallo’s car.

From the perspective of the video (scroll down), the woman is watching the dog go crazy on her car from inside her house. Locke, the officer, is outside. But not wanting to get bit himself, he keeps his distance; while clearly trying to deal with the growing anxiety of Dilallo

Dilallo isn’t buying anything he’s selling though. She’s more concerned with her property, and honestly, can you blame her?

?You could shoot him,” she is heard saying. After a short exchange and no satisfaction, she says, “Let me ask a question, if I go out and get a gun and purchase it and everything could I have shot him legally?”

Because she is talking over the officer, its not clear what she is saying. But I believe he responded, No…its just property.”

Why not?? she continues to question. ?He?s destroying my property. Why would I not be able to shoot him??

At this point, seemingly infuriated, she was probably wanting anything to be done to stop that dog from tearing up her car; and while the dog being shot would have been extreme (and I am so glad this was not the choice made by the officer) she does raise an important point.

?That?s my property that he?s destroying…what kind of consequences would I get? Because that’s what?s going to happen next time.?

What would the stance be, legally, if you shoot an animal destroying your property? 

Sidebar: I’ve got a devils-advocate question for ya. Do you think a Black person, say, angered by a situation and deciding to take it out on another person’s property, would have received the compassion this dog got from the officer?

Fortunately, it ended well for Red. He was reunited with his owner Ben Bonds, who told WRCB-TV that he and his family had been away for a funeral when Dilallo?s car was attacked.

And Red’s owner took responsibility and agreed to pay for the damages to Dilallo’s car.

Bonds also said that in spite of what the video shows, Red is not aggressive towards people.

?He’s a good dog. He’s not no mean dog. He’s just a pup,? Bonds told WRCB-TV. ?I have great grand kids and grand kids, they play with him and my little great granddaughter hugs him and plays with him, so he’s not a mean dog. He loves people.?

This shouldn’t be so hard to believe. Looking at the video, again, Locke was relatively close to the Red at times and the dog never tried to attack him. His focus was always on getting to the cats — even when he was tired and stopped attacking the car in between — he never turned his aggression towards Locke.

Red did what many dogs do, unfortunately: Go after other animals. Meanwhile, Dilallo is still dealing with those hateful messages.

Stop it, people. Your love of animals shouldn’t reflect a hate of humans! Don’t get it twisted. Always aim for a peaceful outcome first!

Here’s the video of the incident. Your thoughts?

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