Man Poops His Pants When He Can’t Pay Ticket in Pennies

Anthony Sevy attempts to pay ticket with rolls of pennies.

*Hey, don’t shoot the messenger, ‘K? 

A Michigan man named Anthony Sevy tried to pay the $10 parking ticket he received with his credit card, but when they told him there would be a $1.75 processing fee, he was not happy.

He left the clerks office, but came back later in the day…

with $10 in rolled pennies.

“The clerk wasn’t too happy about that, they refused to allow him to pay with penny rolls,” Sevy’s attorney, Jonathan Marco, said.

But no amount of money could’ve predicted what would happen next.

It appears on the FOX2 surveillance video that the man was leaving; but you also see the clerk go after him, they get into an altercation and according to the report, the clerk “choked the man out.”

He was said to have passed out for a short while, and in that time, defecated himself. 

Now Sevy is suing the court officers.

“I don’t think anyone paying in penny rolls, whether it’s a preferred thing to do for a court clerk, warrants this type of assaultive behavior and violation of constitutional rights,” Marco said.

It’ll be interesting to see how this one turns out.

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