Arrested: Two Men Allegedly Ran Prostitution Ring from Senior Housing Complex

Joseph VanWert, (Left) and Randy Lambach, (Right)

*Hahahahahaha! Oh, sorry. Some visions you just can’t un-see, and the one that pictures senior Betty taking numbers and choosing outfits for her “dates” …and getting paid a fee, well, that’s one helluva sight…in my mind. But apparently, its what is happening at one whore house aka senior housing complex in Massachusetts.

Joseph VanWert, 65, and Randy Lambach, 45, of Berkshire County, were arrested for running a prostitution ring out of an apartment in the complex. The men are being held on human trafficking charges before their hearing later this month, according to Pittsfield Lt. Michael Maddalena.

Reports of an increase in prostitution in Pittsfield had been coming in to the local police station, and authorities say Lambach would seek out women with drug addiction to turn tricks. He would then set up meetings and rates with potential “Johns.”

This apparently went on for several years.

VanWert allowed the meetings to be held in his apartment in exchange for drugs and cash.

According to the Berkshire Eagle , while conducting patrols around First and Second streets, police interviewed multiple women, many of whom admitted to being prostitutes, but declined to identify who “tricked them out.”

One woman told police she didn’t “street-walk,” but instead got her “dates” through ads on

Maddalena said that Lambach would pay the women in drugs, heroine and cocaine, and even prescription drugs, and he would take a significant portion of their money.

After an investigation that lasted several months, the two men were arrested last month. The Daily News reports Lambach pleaded not guilty to four counts of human trafficking, while VanWert pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to commit human trafficking, deriving support from prostitution, maintaining a house of prostitution and sexual conduct for a fee.

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