Man Attempts to Feed Circus Tiger, Gets Little Sympathy When Big Cat Chomps Down on Hand (Look!)

The man feeds both tigers at once.

*People in China may have been waiting for the circus to start, but they got a pre-show they won’t soon forget. An elderly man decided he wanted to give meat to two tigers waiting patiently in their respective cages for their performance in the show to take place. There was one tiger on the left and one on the right. The man decided to feed them both — at the same time. I guess he got distracted somehow by the tiger on the left because it proved a near fatal opportunity for the tiger on the right; who decided to chomp down on the man’s hand…

with no intentions of letting go.

Smartphones went nuts capturing the incident (you know we’ve got it below). But here’s the thing: once all was said and done (the man is expected to be OK, we don’t know about his hand though), the general consensus — at least on social media is concern for…wait for it… 

…the tiger.

The tiger on the left takes hold of the meat AND the hand that’s holding it!

In the video (scroll down) the tiger grabs hold of the man’s hand, the man appears to pass out even while his hand is in the big cats mouth. A circus staff comes and pokes the tiger with a stick. The animal eventually let’s go and the man falls unconscious to the ground.

A circus worker uses a stick to prod the animal, who eventually did let go.

We understand he was later taken to the hospital, and it is unclear how or even if this had any affect on the circus happening.

But again, people had little sympathy for the man. In fact, they were worried that the animal would be put down.

Yennefer posted:

Moron and that one who came jabbing the tiger to get him to release the moron’s hand, he needs a slap and all. 

Ali4 posted:

No sympathy for the man at all!! Poor tiger stuck in a cage until it performs, such a sad life.

Vapeman posted:

Poor tiger! Guy was an idiot hope it bloody hurts 

…and I say:

Dumb ass should have known better. #don’t blame the tiger!

The graphic video is below. Watch with caution!

3 thoughts on “Man Attempts to Feed Circus Tiger, Gets Little Sympathy When Big Cat Chomps Down on Hand (Look!)”

  1. Dumb ass, idiot, it’s not two tigers but 1 tiger and 1 lionness (to the left). Very idiot !

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