Yaay! Drunk Assistant D.A. Fired for Berating Uber Driver (Watch)

“My career is over!”–Jody Warner

*One of the first things people using ride-share will ask the driver is, “Have you ever had any drunk people in your car?” They ask this because of people like Jody Warner — who got so wasted and obnoxious as she was riding home in an Uber last Friday, the driver asked her to get out of his car.

The incident happened in Dallas. Driver Shaun Platt claims Warner, 32, was intoxicated when he picked her up from a bar. He says the woman was adamant that he ignore his GPS and instead, go by her instructions.

When he refused, probably not trusting where her drunk ass would take him, she got belligerent.

“I didn?t know what route she wanted me to take,” he told Inside Edition. “I said, ?Should I take a left, should I take a right?? And she became angry and said why couldn?t I follow the (expletive) GPS?”

It went downhill from there and Platt ended up calling the police.

?Ma’am I ended the ride and I asked you politely to step out of the vehicle,? driver Shaun Platt can be heard telling her in a recording of the incident (Scroll down for video 1 of 2).

?No, you ended the ride not at my house,” she replied. “Do you think I?m going to get out on a f***ing side street??

In an interview with the media, Platt, who didn’t press charges, said he didn’t want the woman to get fired, just reprimanded.

Of course she is crying crocodile tears now. Watch her press conference video below 2/2.

Why do these women continue to drink themselves into a stupor and then take it out on the poor ride share drivers? And she KNEW she was being recorded because she says so in the audio below. Yet and still, she continued to be belligerent! 

I, for one, have no mercy for this woman. I’m glad she lost her job (as did another female attorney a year ago).

Keep making examples of them, I say. #hitemwhereithurts

She apologized to the D.A.’s office. I don’t believe she apologized to the driver.

Below is an excerpt of Jody Warner on that Uber ride.

Watch Jody Warner’s press conference after she was fired




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